My first trip to my hubby's home state of Montana

I am a 30-something pediatric occupational therapist.  I am jack of many trades and a master of none.  I love spending time with friends, cooking, baking, traveling, sewing and other crafty endeavors.  I love riding my tri-bike and my beach cruiser depending on my mood.  I need to get back into reading and running.

I have lived in the Tampa Bay Area my entire life except for the 7 years spent in Gainesville, Florida at The University of Florida.  I married a military officer in February 2011.  We met on eHarmony and will be re-stationed in October to England for three years.  I am excited and nervous.  I am a creature of habit, very organized and have always loved living close to my parents.  I thought this blog would help me with the transition from long time single independent woman to my hubby’s wife, a military wife.  I am very excited for our adventure to continue!


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  • Beth Haines

    Oh, Sara…..I just thoroughly enjoyed going through your beautiful site! I loved reading every word and gazing at every photo! Your new wardrobe is amazing, as you are! Now you can come help me…..or start your own show!! I send you great love and prayers for a marvelous trip and awakening to new adventures in the UK!!
    Love, Beth

  • Shannon Gryder

    Hi Sarah!
    Natalie DeVicente shared your blog with me since you just moved to the London. The jewelry line I rep, Stella & Dot, is expanding to the UK! I would love to share some info with you! You can email me at shannon.jewels@gmail.com.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    ~Shannon Gryder

  • Kristine sadler

    Hi Sara & Derek- do you know I wanted to name Geran, Derek? I am obsessed with your blog, very cool. Wow, between your wedding and Katie’s I am feeling so much closer to my family. Thank you. I realized I hadn’t even talked to you about England while in VT! Wow, I will miss you. Maybe we will come for a visit, we have some plans to go to Greece so maybe a stop in London would be in order. I am so proud of you and this adventure. It is refreshing and energizing for me to see how the world has so much to explore. You have so much to look forward too, and I hope I can always be a part. Geran really has felt so connected to you, Katie, your parents and now Derek, it makes me soooo happy. The best to you and Derek on your life and travels, I will look forward to your entries on your blog.
    Love you,
    kristie xo

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