This past weekend was my birthday.  Now that I have Amy my priorities have all changed.  I forgot how old I was turning, that it was even my birthday, and I didn’t much care what we did.  I just wanted the three of us to be together.  Derek has been working like a maniac having only 2 days off the month of March so I was trying to not get my hopes up but he got both days off uninterupted!!  Woo hoo! That was enough of a gift for me.  We took some day trips. Saturday we drove down to the Cotswolds, just under two hours southwest of us.  It was similar to where we live with a few more rolling hills but some very quaint villages with shops and tea spots.  The first place we stopped was Stoke on the Wold for lunch at The Vine Leaf.  I have been trying to think of all things British I want to capture, soak in and  take home with us.  This was a must, a photo of Amy and a red post box.  Now we just need to get a red phone booth…it will happen!

To get her to look at the camera I say, "Where is Mommy?" Hence the pointing :)

To get her to look at the camera I say, “Where is Mommy?” Hence the pointing 🙂


She was excited…and responding to, “How big is Amy?” Another photo trick. 🙂


It was cold, don't we look cold? Burrr...but we have each other to keep warm.

It was cold, don’t we look cold? Burrr…but we have each other to keep warm.

Our next stop was only 10 minutes away a village called Bourton on the Water.  It was really beautiful there with trees blooming.  We did have a bit of a cold spell this weekend and the wind was biting but this would be a fun summer place to come.  There were many tea shops and most were trying to sell ice cream.



There was a really great toy shop in the village and Amy got a music instrument like the one she uses at The Music Bus.  In the back of the shop they had a huge selection of trains.  They carried stuff I had only seen once a year at Christmas when Dad put up the train set on the platform under the Christmas tree.  They had the same paper he used to cover the platform, the same lamp posts, the same little trees and bushes he puts around the buildings.  I wanted so badly to bring something home for Dad’s train set but I had no idea what scale he has.  It’ll be so much fun to show Amy Grandpap’s train set!!



Kisses from Daddy in front of the shops at Bourton on the Water


I just loved this little village, so pretty!


We got back in the car and drove just under an hour to our next destination Bicester Village Designer Outlet mall.  The plan was to stay the night and shop in the morning.  We got there about 5, walked the outdoor mall full of designer shops that I couldn’t afford even at outlet prices and we ate dinner.  During dinner I asked Derek if we could drive home and sleep in our own beds.  He was shocked, “Don’t you want to shop tomorrow for your birthday?”. No I didn’t. :0


Have you ever seen a kid so excited about salmon & peas? Have you ever seen salmon and peas on a kids menu?

Instead we drove home about an hour and twenty minutes.  Amy went straight to bed and we snuggled on the couch. Ahhh this was much better than a hotel room!  The next day, my actual birthday, we headed to Pizza Express in Stamford and then to Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre.  I wanted to get there before lambing season was over.  Lambs are scattered on every hillside with their mothers frolicing and tripping over their hoves.  They are so cute I find myself swerving on the road to watch them. I also had to get Amy’s photo with the daffodills.  They are also a sure sign Spring is on it’s way!  In Florida you don’t get change of seasons, it’s palm trees year round.  Here in the UK I understand why tulips and daffodills are printed on Easter gift bags 🙂  I also get why my grandmother made a lamb cake for Easter every year.  Spring is so beautiful! Not that I will EVER complain about palm trees!!



Happy girl!

Amy loved all the animals on the farm.  We walked around looking for the lambs that were scheduled for their feeding soon!


We found them and they were SO sweet!! Apparently these lambs are not orphans but were one of triplets and the mothers only have two teets and could not feed all three. Well that’s what they said in the talk before the feeding.  This doesn’t make much sense to me.  My friend Alice just posted that now, living in Washington State, she is missing lambing season in the UK.  This is something I will miss too.  Here are some photos for you Alice!




I think I could’ve stayed all day and watch them.  I think Amy could have too.




The feeding was surrounded by people and toddlers who had an understanding and would’ve been dissappointed if they didn’t get to bottle feed the lambs so we stood back and watched the lambs in the other pens.  As the crowd dwindled we left the barn and it started to hail! SO we went straight back in to wait for the storm to pass.  More lambs? Ok.


Amy’s pointing to the lambs. She can’t get enough either!


Walking through the farm with Daddy. Amy doesn’t take steps much unless she’s got a finger in her grasp!


Proud Daddy loving his time with his girl!


This is a Dartmoor lamb. They were so funny. The adults look like Muppets to me and the lambs had a constant smile! So sweet! There were no informational signs so I looked up ‘curly long haired sheep’ when I got home.





Amy’s telling this lamb “shhh” because the other one is sleeping.





They gave us some food to feed the sheep.


Doesn’t he look like a Muppet?




These are the sheep we usually see everywhere here!!





Bye from England for now!! xoxo



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