When I was single I had tons of “me time”. I exercised, I made career and personal goals, I watched what I wanted on TV, I traveled when and where I wanted to go, and my decisions all revolved around me.  Today my life is what I always hoped for; I have a loving supportive husband I adore and adores me and a gorgeous baby girl.  With a family comes different priorities and I put myself last most of the time.  I don’t exercise anymore, I have no career to speak of and personal goals are on the back burner.  Ok, I still binge on Friday Night Lights when Derek is not home but at night we compromise and find shows we both like.  Don’t get me wrong, when I was single ALL I wanted was someone to have a discussion with about whether we were going to watch Parenthood or House of Cards that night.  I love my life now and wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Ok I lied, there is something I want to change, I want more “me time”.  Even when Derek and I started to date I did what many women do and focused on him.  I still had plenty of time to focus on me and he definitely focused on me but I put myself aside.  I stopped exercising.  

Exercise has been part of my life almost my whole life.  I danced and swam when I was little and in high school I swam and ran track. Once I was in college I really started getting into running and doing races.  It started as 5K, then 10K, 15K and once I started working I was doing half marathons.  My friend Ruthie, a running fool, gave me inspiration and told me I could do a marathon.  We signed up for the 2008 San Fransico Nike Women’s Marathon. I’m not going to lie our motivation was the Tiffany’s necklace on a silver tray being handed out by San Fran fire fighters on a red carpet in tuxedos at the finish line.  We both got our necklaces and it was one of my proudest moments.  I was also doing triathalons at the time and a few months later I completed an olympic distance.  My body was tired and I just didn’t put anything into the training for that race.  It was the beginning of the end, I was tired. That was Spring of 2009 and I am ashamed to say I haven’t been a runner since.  My excuses have been: I’m fappy in love, I’m busy, I’m moving to another country, there are no safe running paths near our new house, I’m pregnant, I have a newborn and I have had crazy hip pain since pregnancy.  Actually, I just didn’t want to.  I had no motivation or desire to exercise.  

In the past 6 months my hip has healed and I feel healthy!  So I started out slow, walking with Lola.  Lola is our psycho 2 year old boxer that needs exercise like she needs to breathe.  She is a royal pain in the a#@ if she doesn’t get her exercise.  That is motivation to walk enough.  I also want to feel better emotionally and physically and being outside really helps me.  Lola is on a leash, Amy is strapped in a stroller and I can relax.  I can’t say I set out with a goal of getting myself to exercise eventually but something just clicked in my brain and after ramping up to two 30 minute walks a day pushing a stroller at a good pace I admitted out loud to my husband I wanted to start running again (Step 1).  


They love each other.


This Kelty Kids backpack makes long walks possible with Amy. She loves the vantage point and it is much more comfortable for us than the Ergo Baby Carrier at this point. This is on an hour and a half walk with Lola Rose.

I had already been sleep training myself the past two months to wake up at the crack of dawn with Derek so that wasn’t an additional battle.  I wanted a little more alone time with him and I’ve always been a morning person.  So I decided to take some of that time for me.  This has been my first week running and I consider it a success.  I’ve run 3 times this week.  My only goal was to run.  I didn’t add a time or distance goal.  I was going to be outside with Lola for 30 minutes and I’d run as long as it felt good. Today I was up to 25 minutes of running with the occasional dog potty break. To me that was success.  

I am an all or nothing person and I have a Type A, OCD personality, just ask my husband, former roommates and family.  When I’m exercising I’m also drinking more water and eating healthier.  When I trained for my marathon I didn’t miss a day on that training schedule.  I know this is not always a good trait to have believe me it often gets in my way. If it’s not perfect I’m not doing it.  To squash a few excuses I think diversity of options will help so I also joined a gym that my friend Terisha is also a member.  It’s not the closest gym to me but I know part of my exercise success is accountability so if she knows I’m meeting her there I am much more likely to go.  I went to two classes this week; kettlebells and a body balance class.  One was during the day and I took Amy to the Creche (Nursery) and the other was in the evening and Amy stayed with Derek.  My other exercise option is through our Amazon Prime membership.  I have added a few exercise videos to our Watchlist and I plan on trying one today during one of Amy’s naps.   I am also writing this blog to be accountable to you 🙂

My friend Erin posted a link to a post Make or Break a Habit Update from a blog she reads called Hollywood Housewife.  The writer is challenging herself to “Make or Break a Habit” each month of this year.  February was exercise and each day her goal was to do at least 20 minutes of exercise and create this habit.  She dreads exercise and scheduled it at the beginning of the year to get it over with.  She was shocked after 13 days that she actually started craving the exercise, she felt sexier, had more energy and slept better.  These are all things I’ve needed in my life. Erin challenged us on our Moms Facebook group to join her in the challenge for March whether it’s exercise or another habit we want to “make or break”.  So I took the challenge and started a week early setting myself up for success! Thank you Erin!! Erin and I also are going to create a Facebook Group to help keep ourselves motivated, uplifted and accountable. Let me know if you want me to add you to the group.  Here’s to finding “me time” and feeling better about me. xoxo

P.S. Quick update from my last post on Amy’s room.  We have successfully moved to our new house and we are so happy! We love the location because Derek’s commute is shorter, I can run here, we look out over the River Nene in our backyard, I can walk to the store, I can walk to Amy’s Music Bus class at the local church hall, the footpaths nearby are surrounding beautiful lakes and everyone has been very friendly.  Amy’s room is much smaller but she also has a playroom downstairs that we LOVE!!


Pure joy at The Music Bus!



Don’t all playrooms look like a tornado just touched down?


Our house is two to the right of the white building and our boathouse is the wooden one close to the river bank.

We love our new house and didn’t realize this unexpected move would make such a difference in our daily lives. Thank you, as always, for your love and support.    


Here is our view from our family room. Oh and some Amy and Lola love.


4 responses to “Me

  • Kristi

    Love this – and you – and that you’re making you a priority again. It takes work, and you are too important to get pushed aside!

  • Mom

    What a great post! You go, my girl!

  • Lisa

    Love this post….Glad things are going well. I too have joined a workout challenge that started today!!! I also ran yesterday and thought of you and Joanna (my running friends). Miss you.

  • Teresa

    What a great post!!! Making yourself a priority will make you a better wife and mum. You are such an inspiration Sara 🙂 Love you girl!!!

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