We’re Having a Baby

Ok, you got me I’m a total blog slacker and we are having a baby in ummm 6 weeks!  Holy moly!  Our adventures have slowed down along with my walking, I mean waddling speed.  My other excuse is our nice camera has been broken but thanks to my parents and Sony it has been repaired and we are back in business.  So here are some photos we’ve taken throughout the pregnancy.  Family and friends have been very supportive and helpful with advice, gifts, and love.  Thank you, we really do feel the love all the way across the pond and we’re not sure how we would’ve done this without you.  At first it was scary to be so far away but with technology it really doesn’t feel that far!

This was my first belly shot when I was home in Florida visiting in May, I was 15 weeks in this photo. 


In this photo I am in our backyard and back home in the UK with Derek & Lola, I am 18 weeks pregnant.


This photo was taken by my sister-in-law during their visit.  We were able to find out we were having a girl at 20 weeks while Derek’s brother’s family was visiting.  It was such a joy to have family here with which to share our news.


Here’s a photo of the belly at 20 weeks.  Amy is Derek’s paternal grandmother’s name and my best friend’s name.  Elizabeth has many namesakes my sister’s middle name, our sister in-law Annette’s real first name, and my paternal grandmother’s middle name.


Here is the belly at 24 weeks.


Here is the belly at 26 weeks.


Here is us at the Joint Services Ball at the Duxford Air Museum. I was 28 weeks, 7 months pregnant and yes I was out on the dance floor, Derek wasn’t but I was!

ImageHere is my Lola Rose cuddled up lovin on her Baby AmyImage

And my Gator Incubator t-shirt given to me by my friend from St. Joe’s Sara.  This was taken on opening game day when we were really missing our friends back in Gainesville tailgating at the Holts! I was 30 weeks in this photo.Image

As I am writing this I am 34 weeks pregnant.  We’ve had some difficulties with hypertension and Amy being about a week and a half behind of her gestational age.  The staff at the military hospital has been amazing and monitoring both Baby Amy and I very closely.  I drive there twice a week (an hour and a half each way) for fetal monitoring and ultra sounds.  They are thinking she’ll be induced between 37 and 39 weeks depending on my hypertension and her growth.  Because of this my parents have changed their plane reservations from Nov. 1st to Oct. 22nd.  I am so blessed to have such support and can’t wait until they arrive!  More to come on 2 trips to France, Derek’s brother’s visit, the Paralympics, and the nursery!

Love you all!

Sara & Derek


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