Our First Anniversary in Mallorca, Spain

     We totally copied our friends Sara & Jeff because we thought they had a great idea for anniversary celebrations.  Basically they alternate years and create surprises for each other.  So this year it was Derek’s turn, you know since I planned the wedding last year, most of which was a surprise to him. 🙂

    He planned a trip and had a guide book sent to me all wrapped up.  He told me I could open it whenever I wanted to know where we were going.  I waited until the week before we left so I could know how to pack.  I opened the book after dinner and it was Mallorca! Its one of the Balearic Islands off the Southeast coast of Spain.  We arrived Saturday, rented our car (wait till you see that) and drove (on the right side of the road and with the steering wheel on the left side of the car) to our hotel in Palma.  We arrived in the middle of the carnival celebrations!  We walked around the city with closed streets, parades, and people and children dressed up like it was Halloween!

I guess it is Gator World! Ha ha ha

We stumbled upon Forn des Teatre. I recognized the facade from my guide book. This bakery is famous for the famous Mallorcan ensaimada which is a spiral bun pastry, so I got one. It was unusual mine had small candied fruit and spicy sausage on top. Not a combination I enjoyed. Oh well, had to try it.

We ate pinchos at the Tapas Bar attached to Forn des Teatre and walked around before we stopped for dinner at a Sushi Restaurant, because we miss Sushi!!  The restaurant didn’t even open for dinner until 8pm!  We were going to have some adjusting to do since we are usually in bed by 9:30! Losers!

Day 2, Our First Anniversary

Ready for some cheesy photos?

We decided to do some more walking around Palma and exploring. Ok this is not a cheesy photo. In the background you can see the 13th Century Gothic Catedral La Seu.

Here's cheesy anniversary photo #1. Amy sent me a Pinterest link of a couple who took Modern Family like photos within photos of each anniversary. I took it a step further and started our first photo with our wedding photo that I toted all the way to Spain! Cheesy! But I think it's kinda cool that it's a photo from exactly a year ago!

Then we found a small beach! I had to walk in the sand!

And here is cheesy photo #2! Last one I promise!

We stopped at a cafe for some fun drinks and a little dessert. It was a beautiful day!

We walked along the water and watched the sun set over the water and reflect off the buildings.

We were in Mallorca off season so many places and summer homes were closed up. Notice the green shutters? They were all over the island.

But it didn't matter, the island was beautiful and I was so happy to be with Derek, the ocean, and palm trees. We walked back to the Sushi restaurant for more Sushi! It was a wonderful first anniversary.

Day 3: Time to be Tourists!

We got in our clown car had drove along the east coast of Mallorca!

Laugh, please laugh, we did! Every time we saw our Smart Car! It was so much fun, surprisingly roomy and got up to speed in the highway!

Our first stop was the 300 million year old caves called Coves del Drach (Caves of the Dragon). No photos were allowed in the Caves but they were really amazing.

While we were waiting to be herded down into the caves with all of the other tourists we found a trail down to the water.

Here is my illegal photo I took of the subterranean lake which wooden row boats lit with a string small white lights full of musicians paddled while we all sat in auditorium style benches. Derek thought it was cheesy but I liked it. Then we waited in line to ride the boat about 20 yards across the lake 🙂

We got back in the clown car and found a restaurant open for lunch.

Derek had grilled squid, I don't remember what I had.

Another beach walk photo

We found a trail that had many icon rules but the one that was not crossed out with a red line seemed to be blowing snot rockets...? or maybe it was be quiet. Aren't we allowed to use our outside voices outside?

For our last stop we had made it to the northern part of the island, Peninsula Alcudia which was beautiful!

We drove back down to Palma on the South side of the island straight through the middle and had dinner, no not Sushi again!

Day 4: Soller

On our way to catch the train we had to stop by Mercat de l’Olivar which apparently is, “the epicenter of Palma’s gastronomic scene” according to my Frommer’s Guide to Mallorca.  This food market was something we had to see, since we consider ourselves novice foodies!

The Fish Market was very impressive!

Some of the fish were so fresh they were flopping on the crushed ice beds and there were crabs crawling! So glad we'd been eating Sushi while we were there! Derek was in heaven and really wished we had our own kitchen so we could buy some fresh fish.

This was a little disturbing to me, cured meat legs in metal cuffs ready to be carved for the customer! Derek thought it was pretty cool!

There were also fruit & vegetable stands over flowing. How could all this food be bought before it goes bad? Good thing it's know as the epicenter!

They also sold paella pans of course!

These are earthenware casseroles made and used in Mallorca called a Greixonera pronounced GRAY-shon-ERA. They were beautiful!

Then we arrived at the train station where we found the vintage 1912 narrow-gauge train called Ferrocarril de Soller built to transport citrus from Soller to Palma for export.

The train goes to Soller which is on the west coast of Mallorca through orange and lemon groves and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains.

The train stopped once to allow us to get off and take a photo at this beautiful spot.

We arrived and walked around the charming city of Soller with a beautiful 16th centry parish Sant Baromeu church right at the city center.

More green shutters

More green shutters, I tried to google the significance but couldn't find an answer.

Then we hopped on the 1913 Tranvia about 3 miles to the northwest coasts only natural harbor Port de Soller.

It says Bienvenidos on the wooden piece in the boat!

Most places were closed but we found this restaurant open.

It ended up being the best meal we had our entire trip! We ordered fish stew.

This is a very happy man!

And it came to our table in a Greixonera! So when we got back to Soller we bought one as Derek's souvenir! He bought me a Mallorcan pearl ring as mine.

The clouds rolled in as we got back on the train to Palma.

Day 5: North to Pollenca

We drove again up through the middle of the island to Pollenca for some exercise.  Pollenca was founded in 1230 and was a beautiful city where we stopped for some coffee before walking up 365 stone steps called the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) to a small chapel.

Almost there!

We made it!

We walked back through Pollenca across the two lane highway to find the Santuari des Puig de Maria trail head.  It was a winding 17th century stone footpath.

He's such an athlete!

And I am no longer an athlete!

We made it to the top of the 15th century Gothic Chapel and refectory part of an abandoned monastery.

And someone was actually up there to take a photo of us we figured it out even though they only spoke German!

Here is one of our views and you can see the Via Crucis stone steps we walked up. Se the long straight line in the middle of the city?

Here's inside the monastery

The kitchen

A well deserved beer before we walked back down the hill

We drove out to the Port de Pollenca for a beautiful lunch on the deck with two buses full of German tourists.  Then we walked the coast and kept changing our minds about which villa we were going to rent for the summer 🙂

Another curvy drive out to a lighthouse and a beautiful view!

Once we reached the lighthouse the windy drive was over and I became a little punchy!

WOW Sara bad hair day! To my credit it was very windy!

We drove back home and had an amazing last dinner at a beautiful restaurant.

Day 6: Cathedral before we fly home

I had to see inside the Cathedral La Seu before we left.

This was the most beautiful altar I had ever seen! The amazing canopy was done by Antoni Gaudi.

The light from the windows was so pretty!

We had to stand in the light

I am sorry this was such a long post, I really tried to cut down the photos but it really was beautiful and we had a great time.  I have been thinking about how to surprise Derek next February 19th.  Any ideas?  I’d love to hear them!  But email me because he follows my blog! xoxo


8 responses to “Our First Anniversary in Mallorca, Spain

  • Natalie

    Happy First Anniversary!!! Looks like you had a blast!

  • Amy

    Don’t apologize for long posts–this is YOUR blog and you can write as much or as little as you want! I loved seeing all these photos and hearing your stories. It felt like I was there with you. 🙂 This is also a record for you, so you should include all the special details you want to remember. Oh, and the Modern Family photo is perfect!! xx

  • Kristi

    Gorgeous pictures, and did you and Derek mean to match in your black sweaters and jeans? 🙂

  • Mom

    Dad & I love seeing all your adventures. We vote for Clearwater for the 2nd anniversary trip.

    Oh, and happy anniversary, too! xoxoxoxo

  • Shea

    Beautiful pics, love them all, you look awesome ma great pic of scenery and you both!

  • Danielle (Mitchelson) Davis

    Thank you for letting me follow you guys in your blog. It looks beautiful there! And please don’t stop with the pictures…how else am I to live vicariously through you? 🙂

  • Wendy

    I feel like I am watching the Travel Channel on my own computer…..Beautiful photos….love the Cathedrals!!!!! I think you should spend next anniversary at Camp Crystal Lake in Keystone Heights….and all the Hands To Love Campers!!!! Missed you this year….the quilt was beautiful…Ruthie loved it of course…Continue to have fun!!!! Looking forward to your next adventures.

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