It’s been a while, I know.  So long it took me a minute to remember my login information for WordPress!  Since my last post we’ve had a few adventures including snow days, a growing puppy, our first anniversary, my birthday, and friends visiting from the States.   In a few more days we have another adventure, we are heading to the French Alps for a week of Spring skiing.  They are getting 3 days of snow this week so we are really excited!  Speaking of snow, here is the beginning of my attempt to play blog catch up before we have another trip to post!

We had 2 days of snow this year.  The first day landed on a Saturday night which was perfect for all of the kids because Sunday was a whole day of sledding, snowman building and snowball fights!  Well the kids and the American from Florida!

Our Backyard

Lola's first snow!

View down the main road from our backyard

The Old School House

Lola & I were very excited & very bundled up for all the SNOW!!!

But this Montana boy is bored by all the snow!

Our field covered in snow, I was sooo excited!

I had to make a snow angel, and Lola wanted to play too!

And she wanted to give kisses since I was on her level.

So fun!

Then I made Derek show me how to make my first snowman! He actually admitted the snow was perfect for snowman making!

I did roll that midsection but he had to place it, snow is heavy! Look at that face!

I think Derek started to have fun too.

He's pretty into it right?

Some finishing touches from the woods...

And we have my very first snowman!

A few more snowy photos as we walked home.


2 responses to “Snow

  • Amy

    Isn’t snow just so charming? Especially in an idyllic setting like yours. I have so many photos of snow–I never get tired of how pretty it looks when it’s covering everything in a smooth blanket. Looks like you guys made the most of it and had a proper frolic! Also love that you’re wearing the cowel scarf! 😉 xx

  • Kristi

    So pretty! Skiing in the French Alps sounds great – I can’t wait to see the pictures! And I love the smile on the snowman 🙂

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