Virginia Elizabeth Goodall

(April 4, 1919-February 1, 2012)

I will miss my spicy Grandma Goodall but I know she was ready and lived a very full 92 years of love, trips to Vegas, wins at the Dog Track, and fun with her 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren!  For me it was the hardest thing to deal with so far living here in the UK.  She died on a difficult week for the Goodalls with Jason’s birthday Feb 2nd and the day he died the 3rd.  But at least they are together and she is shaking that finger at him I’m sure! Below she’s outside giving Derek her two cents about how to cook the veggies on the grill.

It’s been a crazy month with many ups and a few downs.  For Derek’s birthday we spent the Saturday before in London.

We ate lunch at The Booking Room in the old part of the St.Pancras Train station.

Mmm hot liquor drink good in the cold. Yummy.

Just inside the train station. London is getting ready for the Summer Olympics.

It was not only Derek's birthday but also the Chinese New Year!

Derek is excited about the rack of lamb for 2!

Evan took good care of our Lola while we were in London. They love each other!

Then the night of Derek’s birthday we had Sam & Adrian, their kiddos & Katie & her kiddos over to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake with us!

Derek's Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cheesecake Birthday Cake

This weekend is our 1st Wedding Anniversary and we totally stole a celebration tradition from our friends Sara & Jeff.  We are going to alternate years of planning surprise trips both big & small.  This year was Derek’s year to plan.  So he send me a guide book wrapped from Amazon with a note saying “open me when you want to know where we are going!”  So last Saturday I opened the book to find out we are going to Mallorca!  It is a small island off the southeast coast of Spain.  We are pretty excited about it!

OK, sorry on to the announcement you have all been waiting for and asking us about for a while!

Director, Sound Guy, Cast (x2), & Camera Man

Our House Hunter’s International Episode will air in the US on Tuesday February 21st at 10:30pm EST and again at 1:30 am.  So we need you to be kind and send us reassuring emails after you’ve seen the episode.  Because we don’t get to see it until they send us the DVD 3-4 weeks after it airs!  So unfair!  We had a fabulous time shooting the episode here in the UK.  We had an amazing crew that made long days and repetitive shooting so much fun!  Here are some photos of us and the crew in front of the Geddington Post Office.  So fun!

I will leave you with photos of our love & joy Lola Rose who is growing so fast.  Today at the vet she weighed 11 kilos or 25 pounds!

She is such a cuddle bug!

One of her first rides in Derek's Defender, the diesel engine lulled her to sleep!

Running in the morning frost with her buddies Bailey & Jasper.

My two lovies sound asleep snoring an opera!

Look at those paws! She's going to be a big girl!

Too big for her bed! I had to buy her a new one yesterday! ha ha ha!

Bill’s Weather Report:  We had 2 days of snow this past month and I had a blast as Derek rolled his eyes at my excitement!  I will do another post with all the snow fun!  I promise Dad!  Until then set your DVRs and plan your viewing parties for Tuesday February 21st!!




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