My 40th Post!

I don’t think I was feeling the pressure of this post milestone but there just hasn’t been anything very exciting to post about.  Molly just wrote on my Facebook Wall that, “It is time for another installment of the Adventures of Sara GB.”  So maybe I just needed a push.  Thanks Molly!

Ok here is the update in a photo form, my favorite way to update you since words are not my specialty, right Scott?  This is Sam, our landlord and wonderful friend on the left.  She invited us to join them at the Village Hall on NYE.  We first stopped at Katie & Mark’s house for drinks.  This photo is Sam’s debut on my blog but she really has been such a blessing in our lives here in England.  She is our landlord but also has introduced me to so many villagers, and is always available to answer my silly American questions when I’m trying to find my way around this country!  Sam has helped me find a place to frame some prints, referred me to her vet, and included me in many social events.  She, her husband Adrian and two boys Ryse and Evan live a stones throw away in a very charming home.

This is a blurry image of Derek and Adrian setting up our table for the evening in the Village Hall.  Remember the Americans we met on Boxing Day who went to UF?  They hosted the NYE party and rented out the Village Hall.  We all just payed a couple pounds to cover the rental fee and had a blast! It was a pot luck and everyone brought coolers of drinks.

Here is Beth (UF grad), Sam, Ryse in the final stages of musical chairs.

And here is what the men did…

Ok so here is one of the village’s favorite stories. Yes, the village. One Saturday I arranged for Lola to have a play date with Jasper, Sam & Adrian’s dog.  Derek tagged along.  On our walk to their house we watched Adrian enter the pub.  We arrived at Sam’s and the dogs played.  Katie came over with her kids to see Lola as well.  So it was a bunch of women and kids and dogs so I suggested Derek walk over to the pub to meet up with Adrian.  He would have never suggested this on his own but was happy to be excused!  I left Sam’s about 3:30 and walked home with Lola.  About 6pm I start getting texts from Derek, “Are you ok?”, “Are you still at Sam’s”  I told him I was home and fine.  Around 8pm Sam texted me, “Katie’s husband Mark texted her that they had kidnapped Derek!”  I decided I better take the roast out of the slow cooker and make myself some dinner.  Derek then texted, “So drunk, damn Adrian”.  Oh jeez!  He showed up at the back door swaying and smiling with his rosy cheeks even rosier.  He was full of stories and laughs.  Apparently it was a whole group of guys from the village pub crawling through Geddington and they thought it was hilarious that Derek was at the pub (for 6 hours!) with his Welly’s on!  He tried to explain we were just out walking the dog and didn’t expect to be in the pub.  To no avail it’s the talk of the village, the American who went to the pub in his wellies. This was the night before NYE so they were all a little rough at the party but they ALL knew Derek.

Our table full of drinks and food! I had to represent the Gators!

Here I am joining in the games, not as bad as baby shower games! 🙂

Sam in her party hat!

Adrian in his!

The kids were in the other room playing Wii and making human pyramids. Adrian was spotting.

Here is Derek and a few of his new friends playing Wii Just Dance!  You go boys!  I’m not sure if they were still drunk from the night before or still just trying to show each other up.

Adrian, Mark, Derek & Adrian

Shake it baby!

All the kids stood and sat around to watch the men perform!  It was so funny!

Sam & Adrian's oldest Ryse. When we were over he offered us tea, made it and brought it to us followed by biscuits. So sweet!

Evan, their youngest. Lola loves him!

At midnight we all went outside to the field to watch fireworks and release Thai lanterns.  A lantern may have gotten caught in the top of a tree and it was a bit tense.  We almost had to call the Fire Brigade! 🙂

After NYE I noticed my camera button wouldn’t work and it was a bit sticky.  I wonder how that happened? (refer back to photo of our table at NYE).  So from her on the photos are from my iPhone.  I’ll need to ask Sam about a camera shop! Poor Sam!

Our time now is spent mostly with Lola.  She is such a joy and we can’t believe how much we love her!  Well, except when she is biting at out shoelaces, pant legs, fingers and ankles, ouch!

Here she is keeping her nose warm.

She loves us too I think.

Cuddles with Lola

She even eats with a fork, so talented!

She even helps me with my new job as a Stella & Dot Stylist

I love my new job.  I’ve put in many hours of work and it’s finally starting to pay off.  It’s something so different than OT but I am meeting so many wonderful friends because it forces me to get out of the house and out of my comfort zone.  Plus the jewelry is gorgeous!

My spring samples arrived Wednesday!

Here is the display set up in our dining room.

This is my new BFF, in England, Ellie.  She is another S & D Stylist and we work together as much as we can which has been so much fun!  She has become a great friend very fast.  I mean we talk every 5 minutes!  Derek and I had dinner with Ellie, her son Harrison and her husband Graeme.  She and her hubby were just married in August!  He is wonderful and really great with her son.

We finally made it to the once a month Farmer’s Market in Oundle this past weekend.  We did film a part of our episode of HHI at this market but we weren’t able to really shop!  We now have a deep freezer so Derek was dying to fill it with yummy meat!

Our stash included a lamb shoulder, fresh hand formed butter, apples, rhubarb, venison, cheese...

wild boar sausages, bacon, pears, mushroom rolls, rhubarb crumble, local honey, and Irish Soda bread mmmm we had a good lunch that day!

The next day, Sunday, we took Lola for a walk on the footpath in a nearby village called Newton.

Come on Derek, come on! Let's play!

Mmmm Wellies! Attack, attack!

First time near water and she jumped right in!

So that’s what we’ve been up to!  Congratulations to all of our friends this past month who had babies! I almost can’t keep up! Kara & Rob had Claire Elizabeth, Kelly & Jeremy had Mika Anneliese, Ben & Kristen had Cameron Everett, and Julie & Van had Elise Claire!  Love all of you and can’t wait to meet your new little ones.  I’ll leave you with this, my favorite photo.

A man and his dog...


4 responses to “My 40th Post!

  • Natalie

    Lola is getting so big!!!

  • Kristi

    Derek looks rather serious playing the Wii! And you’re right – the jewelry is great!

  • Kristy Daniels

    LOVE your blog 🙂 You always make me smile! Your S&D display looks great! Isn’t the new stuff awesome….its slow going for me but I am enjoying it. Say hi to Derrick for us. Oh and we loved your Christmas card. Can you email me your address? I thought I kept your envelope, but it has disappeared. Hugs….Kristy

  • Amy

    Such a good post, Sary–chock full of photos and stories! I love the look of concentration on Derek’s face during his Wii performance. He is a born competitor, obviously. I’m so happy that you’re loving your new job! Something tells me you’re a natural. xx

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