Boxing Day

Boxing Day, historically, was the day after Christmas when wealthy people in the UK gave a box with a gift to their servants.  Today it is a bank holiday celebrated usually the day after Christmas unless it falls on a weekend then it will be observed on the Monday after Christmas.  In our village of Geddington they celebrate Boxing Day with a healthy competition between the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade(GVFB) and the Kettering Fire Service called The Squirt.  The GVFB was formed in 1977 during the national fireman’s strike.  Today GVFB is registered as a charity.  Derek and I walked down to watch the competition at the bridge to see what The Squirt was all about.

We arrived at the bridge an hour before the event.

There was some evidence of the fire brigade having been on the shore.

Then the fire engines arrived and the crowd gathered up at the Elenor Cross.

The Geddington Fire Brigade assembed on the steps of the cross and sang us We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a song about The Squirt. See the guy on the right in the burgandy fleece and red hat? He passed us and said, "Go Gators!" He and his wife live in Geddington, and both graduated from UF!!! They also have a house in New Port Richey. How about that Gator Nation?

The crowd then headed back to the bridge for the event. So much for our good spot 🙂

The firemen got into their places.

And the fire engines backed into their place so the hoses could be hooked up. Here's the Kettering engine.

And the GVFB's engine.

I found my position on the wall of the bridge for the best view.

And Derek found his position.

My new boot socks from my parents for Christmas kept my toes toasty warm.

So each team shoots or "Squirts" their firehoses to push the red keg along a suspended cable and whoever "Squirts" the keg to the opposite side wins a point. Best out of 5 wins!

For a better view we moved down by the GVFB's engine.

Doesn't the Captain look like he is straight out of a story book?

We found a spot up on the bridge and we could see both sides. The score was tied 2-2

Go Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade!

Right then the old girl overheated and the GVFB had to borrow the Ketter's backup engine to play the last point. We love their logo of the beer mug putting out the fire.

Then the keg fell off the cable, the anticipation kept building while that was fixed.

This guy stood in the middle and with a whistle and raise of the arm started the final point.


The Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade celebrated together.

Good Game, Good Game, Good Game


At the end everyone ended up at our local pub, The Star, which has recently re-opened.

We had such a fun Boxing Day in our village.  We came home to our sleepy puppy in her crate, here are some Lola photos from Boxing Day.

She liked my new boot socks too.

She is sound asleep in this position!



3 responses to “Boxing Day

  • Amy

    Great photos, Sara! I feel like you guys are living in a Christopher Guest movie. 🙂 Love the boot socks–I’ve never seen them worn on the outside of the boots. Must investigate. xx

  • brother roger

    I feel like I was there with you! What fun! Am loving your blogs and watching Miss Lola…

  • Kristi

    I’m not sure who Christopher Guest is. Must investigate. 😉 You should submit some photos of you in your Gator gear to the Florida alumni magazine. Lola is super cute. Thanks for sharing your town’s traditions!

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