Christmas Day!

Lola had lots of fun finding new toys in her stocking!

Her British themed squeeking Mini! That was for Sara C.L. & Amy M. 🙂

Spoiled rotten!

We opened our presents and cooked breakfast while she slept.

One of Mom & Dad's presents which arrived Christmas Eve! So thankful the post office was open Christmas Eve! Thank you to the service men & women at the post office on base who made my mother's christmas by being open so I would have gifts our first Christmas apart.

A warm super soft robe! I love it!

Lola loves it too!

Derek got a pair of Carhartt pants from my Mom & Dad, that ok he kinda knew about but didn't he put on a great surprise face?

And a refurbishing book for his Defender which he immediately dove into! Thank you Nancy & Bill.

Derek gave me the full set of Sex & the City DVDs! I actually have never seen the whole series.

I gave Derek a pair of Crocs to walk around the house, he wanted them instead of slippers.

He also got a down vest he wanted to keep him warm and toasty.

He just showed me almost this EXACT shirt in a cataloge yesterday! I was so excited it was already wrapped under the tree. Look how happy he is, he thinks I can do magic! Score!

Amy's gift was the first Christmas package which came, look what was in it. It's so warm. I promise Katie, I'll move my neck when I wear it, but I do see what you mean when I look at this photo! Katie says I never move my neck when I wear turtlenecks. 😦

Derek gave me a british dessert book and I gave him Jamie Oliver's Great Britian cookbook.

Kristi sent me this personalized ornament for this year! So perfect, thank you Kristi!

And we didn’t even know it but we each got the other luggage for our future European trips and our trips back home! I think we are on the same wave length.

Derek's leather duffle he mentioned once to me, but it was a while ago so he was still surprised.

And I had no idea what was in that big blue sack, to be honest I was a little nervous.

He did great! I love my new rolling carry-on suitcase. I promise I'll put on some clothes and not wear my robe like the Dude.

The aftermath. Can you see Lola crashed out in the bottom right corner? She slept through it all.

We had a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple in the UK.  The best part is our broadband worked and we were able to Skype with our families!!  That made a huge difference for me, no tears tonight.  Lola has made this Christmas weekend very special and lots of fun.  Right now Derek is cooking a turkey with venison sausage dressing, a squash gratin, and I’m doing mashed potatoes and I made a peanut butter pie.  MMMmmmm.  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas,  we love and miss all of you.




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