Lola’s Home!

We picked Lola up this morning and drove an hour and forty minutes home.  At first she was very alert and watching everything, even shuddering a little.  What is going on?! I’ll let the photos show the rest of our day.

Look at all that extra skin to grow into.

She went right into her crate and after a wee seemed perfectly content to stay right there on her bed..

She wanted to cuddle a bit...

Then we got on the floor to play with her, lots of kisses, sniffing our ears and pulling my hair.

After some investigating...

She made herself right at home in her bed in the living room.

Then more playing on the floor.

and more kisses..

She slowed down a bit

and layed around a bit, on Derek

She went to town on her lunch, dinner, and supper meals with us! Whew!

She loves her Mr. Bill (OH NO!) that Nancy & Bill sent her!

Then she passes out for an hour or so.

Toasty in her new bed and comfy in her new home does our hearts good!

After she was startled by the end of the Modern Family intro on TV she settled back down and hung her head out of her bed onto Derek's lap

I think she likes us!

And she fell asleep again with her Mr. Bill while we snuck out to a Christmas party for a couple hours!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and our landlords who had the party tonight are coming over with their 2 boys to see Lola Rose, should be fun, her first visitor!  Ha ha while I was typing Lola became curious and came over to my keyboard to type you a message, “3www4e”.  She has a bit of a British accent so you might not be able to understand that.  Merry Christmas!






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