Getting Ready for Christmas

This past weekend was crammed full in total Sara style.  You see I am famous, as some of you may know, for cramming every possible thing in my schedule.  I did it again this past weekend.  We were invited last minute to a Christmas Draw at the Officers’ Mess, the theme was “An Alpine Wonderland”.  The local British airbase has a social group called the Officers’ Mess as an officer you can apply and be accepted to join.  We were invited by our neighbors in our village, who are members, to go as their guests.  I was under the weather this past week and was excited about dressing up and feeling pretty.  Unfortunately it was black tie and Derek couldn’t wear his dress mess uniform.  Because we were invited Wednesday for Friday night Derek said we just can’t get a tux in time.  So I begged and he caved.  I took a suit and shirt of his to the tux rental Thursday and they measured and rented me a tux.  Derek looked smashing!  So Friday I drove to Cambridge and bought a gown.  I felt so pretty.  We were very rushed and didn’t take a photo but they had a photographer and we bought some photos from them. Mom & Dad, Gary & Vicki a copy is on its way to you!

Ok, so I hate this photo of myself and I actually joined the gym this week because of it but isn’t my husband a dreamboat?  It was only the 3rd time Derek had been in a tux including; a yellow tux when he was a ring bearer at age 5, and his brother’s wedding 10 years ago.  Derek didn’t go to prom, I was tempted to buy him a boutineer but I refrained!  It felt like prom and I was glad I had such a handsome date!  We ate, drank and listened to the bands.  At midnight there was a drawing for all kinds of prizes.  The couple we were with won a 4 day trip to Budapest!  They were so excited, we were too.  Derek needs to apply to join the Officers’ Mess but I think he was convinced after Friday night, we had a wonderful evening.

Saturday morning we got to sleep in a bit then we walked down to the church in our village where they were having a Christmas Tree Festival with 33 decorated trees by families in the village, organizations, and schools.

St. Mary Magdalene Church, Geddington

We voted for our favorite ones and walked to the pub for a pint.  Our village has 3 pubs and the best one closed the week before we moved in to Geddington.  Good news is it reopened last week.  When we walked in it was decorated for Christmas and our neighbors were there to visit.  When we went home we jumped in Chappy and headed to the Christmas tree lot.

He was really excited when we found one.

I was excited when we found two!

Derek paying for our trees, see the guy in tweed? Ha!

We threw them both in Chappy for the short ride home.

Derek set up the tree in the house.

I set up the one outside. This was Vicki's idea to brighten up the backyard like Grandpa Scottie and Grandma Amy do!

We bought two stands, isn't this one pretty?

I bought a few new things for this year.

We got out our Christmas box from the garage and decorated the tree.

Our decorated tree with a train, proud Dad?

When we were done we walked back down to the pub for dinner, Steak and Ale pie! MMMMmmmmmmm.

The next morning we woke up and drove up to Matlock, Derbyshire to visit Lola.  She was only 2 weeks last time we saw her, Derek said she looked like a guinea pig.  Now….she looks like a puppy at 5 weeks!  We are so glad we got to see her again as she’s growing up.

Our sweet Lola Rose

We might be in trouble, she's really good at sad puppy dog eyes!

We're in love!

She loves Derek

I have a suspicion Derek loves her too

I mean are you kidding me?! That face!

She's perfect I wish we could take her home now!

We had to leave her and say goodbye but we'll be picking her up in 13 days!

Last time we went we found a Farm with a Shop with great meats, cheeses, produce and gifts.  They also had a little cafe.  We stopped again but this time we were prepared with a cooler.  Derek bought fun game meat including a pheasant and a rabbit!

Derek made rabbit stew this week, it was really good!

and I got a fresh wreath for our front door! Merry Christmas!


8 responses to “Getting Ready for Christmas

  • Kristi

    Your tree looks great. And since I stalked you on google maps, I know right where that church is. 🙂 It is beautiful! I’m glad you had a good time at the party!

  • Natalie

    I love all your new adventures! The trees look great, and Lola is so adorable! We miss you both but wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! xoxo

  • Beth Haines

    How fun was this to read and watch?? You guys look beautiful in your photo and I love seeing your home all Christmasy!! Would also love to meet Miss Lola….too cute!!
    Merry Christmas to you, too!!

  • Coleen

    Lola is beautiful!! You guys are really in trouble with that sad sweet face–according to Greg, Finn can do no wrong Be prepared Sara 🙂 Your trees look wonderful–what a great time to be in the UK–everything’s all Christmas Carol-ly. Keep having fun!!

  • Teresa Dean

    Hi Sara, it is so wonderful to read about your and Derek’s adventures. What a great picture of you two at the Ball. I am so excited for both of you, you have settled into such a beautiful place in your lives. Lola is a so adorable and a lucky puppy to have you guys, I can certainly see why you chose her. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! Love to you both, Teresa

  • Mom/Nancy

    This blog is keeping me sane; so glad you’re keeping it up! What a lovely Christmas season…Love to you both.

  • Mom/Nancy

    PS When I see that cutie, Lola, all I can think of is how much Aunt Pearl would have loved knowing you have a boxer!

  • Andrea

    Lola is so cute! I wish I could get my hands on her and snuggle. I miss you, but love seeing all of the pictures documenting your adventure. Merry Christmas!

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