They blamed it on the Gypsies

It’s been a rough last couple weeks.  I missed Molly’s wedding.  She called me that morning and I was so grateful to be on the Bride’s To Do List on the wedding day.  I was so blessed to have a conversation with Molly that morning but once I hung up I had so much regret that I didn’t book a flight to be there to spoil and pamper her.  When I hung up I cried and Derek hugged me for a bit.  It felt so wrong that we were grocery shopping and taking a load to the recycling center the day Molly was getting married.  My parents represented us and sat with all of my friends from St.Pete High.  Mom & Dad recapped every moment, answered all my questions and posted photos for me to see.  Late last week I got an envelope from my mom full of Molly’s wedding menu, program and even the little tag from the favor.  Mom and Dad had a great time talking with Dave, meeting Joe and said having Kara there felt like one of their daughters was with them 🙂  They had a great time.  Molly looked soooo happy in the photos I am sure her cheeks were sore by the end of the day.

Look at her!

Dancing with Pop

Just beaming! So happy for Molly & John

Thanksgiving morning we had scheduled to Skype with each of our families and we were so excited.  Katie & Brian were home with my parents in Florida.  Katie helped Dad set up the Skype to be shown on their 50″ TV so my two grandmothers and all of our family could see us.  Derek’s parents had traveled to Minot to be with his grandparents and aunts & uncles, we were to Skype with them as well.  However, we woke up and found that our broadband was out.  We called the provider who said we might be back online by the evening but that didn’t happen.  We wrote emails to our families on our phones to notify them we weren’t going to be able to Skype.  We were so disappointed.  But we had a very nice Thanksgiving, just the two of us.  Weird! We of course cooked too much food.  Derek used a cooler to brine our 14LB turkey over night.

Turkey being brined. (We bleached the cooler after no worries!)

Our roasting pan doesn't fit in our oven 😦 and we had too much turkey for the two of us so Derek butchered it.

We froze half the turkey for Christmas dinner! Sorry Katie for these photos! 🙂

Derek put the turkey over some sausage dressing

MMMMM ready to eat!

Here is our buffet. Katie- check out the 5 minute Artisan Bread!!

Assignments were as follows:

Derek- Turkey, Dressing, Sweet Potatoes (He doesn’t use recipes)

Sara- Artisan Bread, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie (Grandma Goodall) Crust (Barefoot Contessa), Cranberry Sauce (Barefoot Contessa), Green Bean Caserole (Campbell’s Soup).

We used our china and ate all day in our PJs and watched TV. We made the best of it!

He really did use a fork, but we were hungry when the food was ready.

A couch nap with a full belly, so cute!

A piece of pumpkin chifon pie to end the day.

Our broadband still was out by 10:30.  I had been so hopeful all day I didn’t realize how much I was counting on it being fixed until it was 10:30 and we went to bed and were not able to Skype with our families.  It happened, I finally became homesick and cried myself to sleep as Derek rubbed my back.  Later in the village post office I found out someone had dug up the cables to steal the copper out by the main road.  They blamed the gypsies, the British tend to blame the gypsies.  Have you seen the ads for the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?  Those gypsies.  We don’t really know if the gypsies did it.  Nine days later we’re back online! Whew! I feel better. 🙂

Bill’s Weather Update: It’s cold in the lower 40’s and we are actually supposed to get snow flurries on Saturday!!

Lola Update:  She will be 5 weeks on Thursday and we are going to visit her on Sunday!  We are pretty excited to see how much she’s grown.  When I talked to the breeder yesterday she said Lola “loves her cuddles”.  I will love cuddles!


6 responses to “They blamed it on the Gypsies

  • Amy

    Your Thanksgiving spread looks deeeelicious! I’m sorry you weren’t able to Skype–I know all of you were looking forward to that. 😦 Don’t you love having all your wedding gifts out of the boxes? Makes it feel more like home, I bet. Keep the updates coming… we miss you big time over here! xx

  • Kristi

    Everything looks delicious! Glad you’re back on-line. Sending hugs your way…

  • The HomesUDreamof Team

    I love reading your blog, you do such a great job with your pictures and describing all the details…great stuff! 🙂

  • Mom/Nancy

    What a lovely Thanksgiving table & meal! You two are quite the team. Love to you both.

  • Kristy Daniels

    Love your blogs….look forward to them arriving in my Inbox! We miss you! Your Thanksgiving spread looks like something on TV! Kudos to you both. I am sure it was delicious. Sending hugs from Ohio.

    PS…can you email me your address please!

  • Coleen

    Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner! It looks fabulous! Sorry to hear about the un-skype! Enjoy the snow! We miss you:)
    Do you think I used enough exclaimation points?

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