Her name is Lola

Two years ago when Derek and I were just dating we were emailing while he was deployed.  We were finding out what each other imagined a future family would be like and what we each wanted.  He told me a dog was a requirement.  So here we are married and living in a 4 bdr house with a backyard in the English countryside and surrounded by footpaths.  All our neighbors walk their dogs in their wellys.  We both have the wellys, now we just needed the dog.

We even picked out names for each gender.  Rugby for a male.  First for the obvious English reason and also because Rugby, ND is where Derek’s grandparents met and where his father was born.  It’s the geographical center of North America if you remember from our trip to ND.  The female name, Lola, is after Derek’s favorite chef, Iron Chef Michael Simon’s restaurant in Cleveland called Lola Bistro.  We started looking for a litter of boxer puppies.  We finally found a breeder in Derbyshire (pronounced Darbyshir).

On Sunday we drove an hour and a half to pick one out of the litter.  This litter only has one male and 5 females.  So odds were we’d be choosing a Lola.  Here are some photos of the littler and our Lola.  They are two weeks and 3 days old in the photos.  They just started opening their eyes and are beginning to get up on their legs.  It was so much fun to watch them pile on each other, yawn, stretch and try to move around.  They were a lot heavier than we thought and sooo cute!! The breeder had named the puppies and the one we choose she’d been calling Rosie.  I kinda like Lola Rose.  Now she too would have English connection in her name.

Pile of puppies, which one do we choose? They are all so precious!

Lola is the one with the big white collar on the top of the pile keeping her nose warm.

Look at her face! We couldn't resist!

Lola is developmentally more advanced than her siblings. She's already up on her front legs trying to get back into her home. See the white socks and white tip on her tail? So cute!

Look at this one buried by puppy siblings. Poor thing, at least she's warm.

Lola will come home with us on December 23rd right in time for Christmas!  We’ll have so much fun playing with her on Christmas weekend!  We might go back and visit again in a few weeks.  We’ve been reading lots of puppy training books and preparing ourselves for being up the first few nights.  We’ll keep you updated.


6 responses to “Her name is Lola

  • Joan Endres

    definitely the beauty of the bunch! of course she is a boxer!! do you know the kinks’ song “lola”? another english connection! awesome. dogs bring big joy to our lives! i love this new member of the fam already!!! thanks again for keeping us all updated with your blog. i will miss you this weekend, was really looking forward to seeing you & derek. 😦 enjoy the anticipation of your new pup!!! love you!

  • Scott

    You should definitely crate train her.

  • Natalie

    OMG SO CUTE!!!! I am loving your blog updates and can’t wait to share them with Logan. We will miss you this weekend for the cookoff…. it is Chicken Wings. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Hope you and Derek have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  • woman1844@aol.com

    she’s perfect!! she looks like she has a little spunky personality already..Happy Thanksgiving girlie =)

  • Coleen and Greg Graham

    Great pick you guys!! She’s beautiful!! LOLA –glad someone else mentioned the English connection with the song by the Kinks!! Congratulations–you are going to have an awesome Christmas with your little girl. Love that she’s brindle, too. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats also on your fab house!! Can’t wait to see you both on House Hunters!!
    Love, Coleen and Greg

  • Laura

    Soooo adorable!!! I LOVE your new house too!!! Think of you often….Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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