Getting Settled

I know, I know, I know, it’s been a while. I am so sorry but it’s been crazy!  SPOILER ALERT for our upcoming episode of House Hunter’s International.  If you don’t want to know which house we choose in the episode (that will air in about 3 months) don’t scroll down!  If your ok with knowing, please, continue… We moved into our new permanent home on Halloween morning.  I snapped lots of photos of the empty house right before the movers arrived.

Our House

Our top floor, above our carport is connected to our neighbor's home.

These are all for the house. Everything has a key, all doors, garage door, windows, mailbox...

Our front door and entryway

Our dining room, typical for it to be a separate room in the UK. This is off the entryway hall.

Colorful half bath off the entry way hall.

Door off the entryway hall to the salon or living room.

The house is built on a hill so up 3 stairs to the living room.

We have a gas burning stove and french doors to the garden from the living room.

Otherside of living room, window is in front of the house.

Here's the kitchen with doors out to the garden. The kitchen is at the end of the entryway hall.

Other view of the kitchen.

Looks like cabinets

Trash on the left dishwasher on the right.

More cabinets?

Kind of...cabinets on the left and fridge/freezer on the right.

Utility Room off the kitchen with space for our washer and dryer.

The wooden dryer is on a pulley and you can lower it to place things and then raise it again out of the way.

Our back door from the utility room out to the carport and garage.

Our mailbox out the back door.

Our garage

View from the kitchen doors into our garden. Pumpkin is waiting to be carved.

Derek checking out the spot for his grill!

The garden the kitchen window is on the right grey door is the shed and the white door goes to the garage.

Garden from kitchen doors with deck and yes a trampoline and rope swing came with the house.

These are the doors from the living room.

Back inside these are our stairs off the entry hallway right before the kitchen.

Stairwell from upstairs.

The hallway upstairs looking into our bedroom

Our bedroom, down 2 steps

Our closets & our doors one to the hall and one to the bathroom

Our bathroom, no storage 🙂

Our shower

This will be my craft room and Derek's dressing room jack & jill bathroom to our room.

Your bathroom when you come to visit us, yes the clock came with the house.

Your shower, again no storage.

Your bedroom when you come to visit, up 3 stairs.

Your bedroom

This is the smallest of the bedrooms, maybe for smaller people someday???

Then the movers pulled in!

Two trucks, 6 crates

It went very smoothly with a little attitude from the movers, a few broken bits, and lots of excitement to have our STUFF!


ouch now I only have 1 of these

The movers did a great job taking all of our stuff into the appropriate rooms, unpacking all of the boxes, and taking all of the wrappings and boxes with them. Yea! They were out of here by noon!  Then we were left to smile, we were home!

with a bit of a mess

But it started to look a bit like home

Our priority room (of course) was the kitchen.  Once we were organized Derek went straight to cooking us a meal.

That's our bowl of candy for the trick-or-treaters

In his element

He finally got carved and we had many trick-or-treaters, one actually gave Derek some candy 🙂

The next morning I found that we had been toilet papered just like back in high school! I felt honored and welcomed to the village 🙂

All 5 houses got hit, but it was a pretty sad job.

I removed the TP and went shopping, you know, for the essentials like TP.

Unfortunately our box springs for our queen size beds did not fit up our staircase.  The movers told us they wouldn’t fit and put them in the garage, without even trying!  In disbelief and desperation I convinced Derek to help me at least try to get them upstairs.  With a failed attempt we slept almost 2 weeks with our mattress on the floor but it was OUR mattress and it felt sooooo good!  After a trip to a furniture store, and a trip to IKEA I learned the Brits don’t use box springs and we had to buy new bed bases that they call divans.  They are nice and, thank the Lord, come in 2 pieces because we had to carry them upstairs ourselves.  The delivery guys, who were 2 and a half hours later than their 4 hour scheduled delivery window, dropped all 4 pieces off in the entry way and dining room!  BTW it was 8pm! Not bitter. We did it ourselves that evening and got to sleep like grownups again.

The other hiccup was the TV.  Our American television uses a different signal than British cable boxes and televisions.  So after 3 hours of our cable engineer Andy trying to figure it out we did some research and bought a signal converter for $178.  Cheaper than a new TV. We now have cable!  We do have internet and a Vonage box so we have a US phone number! I’ll email that instead of posting it on the internet 🙂  I called my parents the second it was set up and we chatted for almost 2 hours so happy to feel so close by hearing each other’s voices without a delay!

I hope you enjoy the photos of the house and the move. We’ve bought furniture, bathroom storage and have gotten much more set up.  I’ll post more updates to get you caught up.  Thank you all for your patience and I promise to be posting MUCH more frequently!



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