Double Anniversary

October 19, 2011 marks 8 months of marriage to my husband and 1 month in the UK.  This week my husband is in a required class for new comers and they told him the first month is great.  Everything is great.  It feels like a wonderful vacation with beautiful green fields of sheep and stone buildings to oogle at every day! Food is great contrary to what is said about British food.  This week I signed up to be a Founding Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot UK.  I am pretty durn excited about it and I’ve already met a couple of very nice British women.  This is a bit fluffy career-wise for me but a welcomed change and fabulous jewelry.  It seems to follow up on my What to Wear makeover.  We are doing well.  Then they told him that the second month is really hard that Americans have more difficulty acclimating to the UK thank any other country.  Hard to believe but we’ve heard it time and time again.  Americans expect things to be the same over here and forget things are done very differently and that it is a different country even though we both speak English.  We are ready for the challenge. Besides great things are coming this next month.

Amy and Beth arrived today and I was successful with ordering us train tickets; them up here, us all down to London and me back! Goooooooo Sara! I can’t wait to see them and get hugs.  Today I was thinking in the car (yes I am now able to think about other things than, “drive on the LEFT!”) how much I want Amy to stay a month so we can hang out. I started to cry! I realized how much I miss my friends.  Especially with Molly’s wedding also this month that I will miss. This Friday we will move from the cute cottage in the countryside to an apartment in the village of Oundle.  We’ll be able to walk to shops, a grocery store and many restaurants.  We will have internet. Halleluiah! But the trade off is that we don’t get cell service there.  Trade off.  Then we’ll be homeless the following weekend when we will travel to Birmingham for a Stella & Dot meeting with the Chairman of the company.  Now he’s supporting my “career” too! Then we’ll stay at the base hotel Sunday night.  On Monday October 31st we’ll move in and GET OUR STUFF!  The last box arrived that we had sent ourselves from VT. Derek now has warm PJ pants and a jacket.  I got a scarf, and bridesmaid dress :0.  Here are the photos I’ve promised of the rest of our current cottage and of my new car that I am in love with driving! Even if it is on the LEFT.

Coming up the stairs...

Our bedroom

The guest room, we use for storage of Christmas presents and boxes we've sent ourselves. 🙂

Dinner our first evening, it's been too cold and windy to eat outside since!

Our cars in our cottage driveway.

My station wagon! Love it!!


The boot! Look Dad-nice safety feature of the pull-over cover to hide all my shopping bags! And a net to keep the dog in the back. 😉

Old school hidden 6-disc CD changer in the back... Nice! The radio out where we are is only 3 channels. So we got some CDs while in Edinburgh including; Adele, Nirvanna, Best R&B of 2011, Amy Winehouse, Lady Antebellum and Florence and the Machine.

Ok, signing off.  Derek has been so patiently waiting for me while I update you I better take him home.  One last thing: Bill’s Weather Report: Clear, cold with brisk winds, leaves are changing and falling!



6 responses to “Double Anniversary

  • Katie

    Love the report! Don’t worry— Amy and Beth will be there in no time! Then moving! Then Christmas prep! Oh, the places you’ll go! xoxo Katie


    OMG…..big congrats to molly!!! how exciting…i love your looks like something straight out of the magazines… what exactly are you doing? jewerly?..and a station wagon huh!! BMW at that..=) i hope you nad the girls have an awesome time together…love ya

  • Molly

    Thanks for linking to our website! You are so cute 🙂 I am missing you all the time. Have a blast with the Haines gals!

  • Katie's Amy

    Hi Sara! I’m following your posts & loving all the details. Sounds like you’re having a jolly good time! Next time you go out for breakfast, make sure to get an order of “eggy bread”… (aka “French toast”).

  • Kristy Daniels

    Hi Sara! Love the posts. I am always excited to see an email from you in my inbox with a new blog post. I just signed up for S&D this week as well. We will have to share tips! Miss you all and have a GREAT time with Amy!

  • Kristi

    I just pulled this up. I LOVE Stella and Dot. A friend of mine has a party of theirs once/year and I always order something. (A selling point for me – their stuff is Fair Trade!) I’ve been thinking about you as Halloween is approaching, and now here! Hugs!

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