Edinburgh Castle

We loved Edinburgh last weekend.  Rachel, you were right. Lots of beautiful buildings.  We toured the Edinburgh Castle and The Royal Yacht the Britannia.  We also did lots of shopping for Christmas presents and I found a rain jacket.  The drive was about 6 hours and my car did great! We luckily found parking and were able to leave it there free all weekend.

Enjoying a coffee in Grassmarket

Scottish piper, I gave him a pound for taking the photo.

Beautiful church

For now we are still in the Woodpiece Cottage in Wadenhoe until next week.  This is why the blog posts are so few.  It has however, made me more active on Facebook!  We move into an apartment in the village of Oundle for a week (Amy and Beth will be with us 2 nights!).  We have an inspection scheduled on our permanent home in the village of Geddington 2 weeks from tomorrow and we’ll finally have all of OUR STUFF delivered on Halloweeen Day.  The base will deliver a washer, a dryer, a microwave and 3 transformers the following day.  So exciting!  Who will be our first guest? We can’t wait to find out.

We are enjoying these fun little furnished getaway cottages but are really ready to have our home, our routine and OUR STUFF.  Enough living out of backpacks. It’s been 2 months.  No worries, I have prepared for a Halloween move in.  No we don’t have costumes!  Yet. Ha ha, my husband would kill me.  Or at least roll his eyes and cooperate against his will.  I did however buy bags of ‘good candy’ (aka chocolate) so the kids and our new village friends-to-be won’t think we are stuffy!  I also bought a pumpkin that sits on the window sill above our sink for now that will make a great jack-o-lantern soon!  We love you guys!


PS Thank you Cody for the awesome iPhone app recommendation Histomatic Camera! All the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone using this application.  It’s pretty sweet and hipster! Totally me! Ha ha ha Maybe I’ll rename mine the Prepstomatic!


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