We moved.

So we packed up Chappy!

We found a temporary holiday cottage because we needed to get out of our hotel on the base.  Basically we had a microwave and a small fridge and meals just weren’t good with cereal and microwave popcorn.  We had to do some paperwork through the housing office on base but Ann found us a great deal and a great location!

Here's the front. We have to drive over a cattle drive to get in our driveway.

Here's the back

We walked in the door and he got right to cooking us lunch! That's the front door still open 🙂

It's a beautiful kitchen with everything we need!

This is behind where my husband was standing in the last photos. Notice the beer!

This is an Aga. It's an oil burning stove, looks old but it's actually new. When you turn it on it heats the whole house in the winter.

Our huge living room with lots of natural light.

Another view and to the left of that futon is a woodburning stove I totally missed photographing!

From the kitchen.

The only drawback of our cottage in the country is that we do not have WiFi.  We were told we did and then when we moved in….nope.  So it’s been difficult.  We feel even more disconnected from you all then we did when we were on the base.  It’s taken two trips to WiFi restaurants to get this post done.  And I have so many more photos to show you and they are taking forever to upload. Luckily we have iPhones so we are able to send and receive emails and facebook messages.

The updates are that we are in this cottage for 3 weeks.  We are moving into our permanent home in 4 weeks but this cottage was booked the last week we needed it so we found a beautiful 2 bdr/2ba apartment right in the center of Oundle Village for our last week before ours is ready.  We got a 2BDR because my best friend and her mom are coming to visit us and some other friends in London the week before we move into our house.  Now they will have a comfortable place to stay while they are with us.

We found a house.  It’s in the small village of Geddington.  The village is full of old stone buildings most of which have been converted into homes.  There are 3 pubs in the village, and a post office.  Close by is the larger towns of Kettering and Corby and my husband is only about 20 minutes from work.  We were swayed away from Cambridge from most people we’ve met because a) the commute can be long with traffic/weather/accidents, b) one solider told us they didn’t get a warm reception from neighbors when they were looking there and c) we love the small villages around here surrounded by fields of sheep.  Our future landlords had us over for tea on Sunday to talk about the move.  They are wonderful people with 2 boys.  They currently live in the house but are moving out by the end of the month.  Our furniture is only due to arrive in country on Oct. 12th.  Then they will call us about a delivery date so we figured that will work out perfect.  The house is stone but was only build in 2006 so it has all the luxuries of a new home.  The kitchen is amazing because our landlord is a former chef. Perfect.  The first floor is the; kitchen, living room, dining room, and half bath.  The kitchen and living room have french doors out to the backyard with lots of natural light and there is a gas fireplace in the living room.  Upstairs are 3 HUGE bedrooms even by US standards.  We’ll have our room, a guest room, a crafting room/office.  We had difficulty finding a place our bedroom furniture would fit.  This will be no problem in this house.    There are two full bathrooms upstairs both with a tub and separate standing shower.  Then there is a small 4th room upstairs and it’s use has yet to be determined.  My husband says storage but we have many closets, a two car garage and an attic.  We’ll see what the future holds.

I also got my car!  It’s beautiful and drives so nice!  After driving all over in the Defender, named Chappy by it’s previous owner, it was nice to get into my car and have air conditioning.  It’s been unseasonably warm and sunny here.  Everyone has been raving about the weather.  Until yesterday when the wind and clouds started to rolled in.  No rain as of yet.

Due to the US holiday this weekend my husband has Friday and Monday off so we decided to take advantage.  We are driving to Edinburgh, Scottland.  I reserved a bed and breakfast right in the town centre.  Should be fun, let the traveling begin.  I also picked apples from our garden this morning and made an apple pie.  We dropped it off to Ann for all of her hard work in helping us look for houses both permanent and temporary.  In the end I found our house posted in the base housing office but she was really great.  We proposed she be our real estate agent when House Hunters International films, she was really excited about it.  We hope she will be compensated but we’re not sure.

Well our B&B this weekend has WiFi hopefully I will get up more photos! Thanks for your patience.


8 responses to “We moved.

  • Amy

    I’m so stinkin’ excited we can stay with you when we visit!! Can’t wait to explore village life with a local. 😉 Also, I am super duper jealous you’re going to Scotland this weekend–have the MOST fun. xx

  • Erin

    I’m loving your updates! It looks like you’re having the *most* fun! 🙂 Your temporary cottage is ADORABLE, and I can’t wait to see pics of your home for the next three years. And the fact that Amy is coming soon and you’re going to Scotland…your life sounds sweet! Still anxious to see you on House Hunters, but I guess that’s still awhile in coming since they haven’t filmed there yet. Miss and love you!

  • Kristi

    Wow – it sounds like everything is coming together! And was the beer Dos Equis – isn’t there some English beer Derek should be drinking? 🙂

  • Kristi

    And is the time on your blog English-time – are you 5 hours ahead of central time?

  • woman1844@aol.com

    It is so cute!!! im so excited for you guys…I cant wait to see the permanent place..it sounds like things are falling into place for you both …couldnt be happier..have a great time with Amy…take care girlie..and love the beer

  • Rachel

    Sara!!! So jealous! You need a bicycle with a basket to tool around the village in – you can wave to the Vicker on your way to the pub from the bike 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures of your permanent house – this temporary cottage is so darn cute! These pictures make me want to pick up an Agatha Christie novel or something!

  • Rachel

    Oh and have GREAT time in Edinburgh! Matt and I went on our last visit in 2007 and LOVED it (other than the FREEZING weather – it was March and I was pregnant with Caroline and thought I might die).

  • Lisa

    Love the pictures! It all looks so fake like from a movie! haha! Well I am jealous that you are off exploring, but have fun! Take pictures and share!

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