Blueberry Jelly… or Sauce

We have been receiving boxes of goodies at the post office on base that we’ve sent ourselves.  In one of the boxes was a delicious surprise.  Well kind of, I did pack it 🙂  Katie and Brian canned all year up to their wedding and gave them as wedding favors and they doubled as the escort card to help people find their tables.  They had some extras and we wrapped them hoping they wouldn’t explode on the journey and we got the box a few days ago.  Here is the post I wrote about canning blueberry sauce with Katie but hadn’t posted yet!

These were the tags where the guest's names were written and table numbers were stamped.

When I was visiting Katie for her bachelorette weekend at the beginning of August we went to Adam’s Farm to pick blueberries.  Katie and Brian needed about 20 more favors and I was happy to help!  I am so glad we had this opportunity because unfortunately the valley was later flooded during Tropical Storm Irene and contaminated.  Adam and all of the other Intervale farmers lost all of their crops along with the community garden where Katie and her friend Sarah shared a plot.

We rode bikes down to the farm near Katie's garden.

We got a flat in which to collect our blueberries.

And off we went...

They weighed our blueberries and we paid $24 for our flat.

But we had to pour them into a bag so we could carry them on the bikes.

We went home and washed the blueberries in Katie's sink.

We went through and picked all of the stems off and took out the unripened berries.

(3 cups of sugar/6 cups of berries) We had 22 cups of berries and added 11 cups of sugar!

Mix and heat the mixture to 220 degrees.

We placed the jars in the canner and had a pot in the back with the lids and jar funnel. We brought the water to a boil to sterilize.

Katie removing the jars from the canner one at a time to fill with jelly!

We set the counter up for assembly.

Using the funnel we poured the jelly into the jars.

My husband pouring jelly

To get the bubbles out we ran a knife around the edge of the inside of the jars.

We used a magnet to retreive the lids from the boiling water and place on the jars. Then you place the ring on top.

Tighten the lid then unscrew a little with your fingertips.

Then back in the canner to seal the lids on the jars by bringing it to a boil.

Then we set them on a rack to cool and listened to the pop of the lids sealing.

We brought a couple of jars to my parents and ate it on pancakes and biscuits. My mom wants to go get some vanilla ice cream! Ours didn't really gel and we're not sure really why. Maybe we needed to heat the jelly to a higher temp? Any ideas?

It was delicious regardless!


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