UK Border Control Almost Sent Me Back!

We arrived yesterday morning at 6:30 AM London time. The border patrol officer asked for my Visa when he heard we were staying 3 years and I didn’t have one. He allowed me to stay 6 months on my passport but said usually in this case I would be sent right back to the US. I am only allowed to “visit” and not allowed to work. So now I can’t even scoop ice cream.

We found our driver and headed to our base temporary housing. We tried to stay awake to see our new country but after only 2 hours of plane sleep we couldn’t keep our eyes open.

Our room is nice with a microwave, fridge, living room, lots of storage space and a comfy bed. After a nap we headed out on foot to explore the base. We toured the gym, got breakfast food at the commissary, ordered a pizza and even found cars we’re interested in on the resale lot!

Our building, we're on the second floor.

Our double wide fridge.

The hall and closet between our bedroom and living room.

My husband's Defender he's been talking about for months just waiting for him on the base!

We tried to stay awake but couldn’t hold out any later than 8:30 PM. I woke up wide awake in the middle of the night. My husband told me he’s learned not to fight it so we did searches for rental houses until we became sleepy again. This morning he left for work and got in touch with the Visa guy on base to sort my paperwork out. Whew. I rented a car, went to the gym! 😮 and got stuff for lunch.  Tonight we are having dinner with my husband’s boss and family GULP. I wish I wasn’t so groggy.  Tomorrow is our orientation class from 8-4pm then we will go take our driving tests which is just a computer test no driving yet.  Then Friday morning we’re meeting the owner of the awesome Defender, cross your fingers!


3 responses to “UK Border Control Almost Sent Me Back!

  • Vicki Bickler

    Whoa, Sara, that was a close call! Good thing they didn’t make you go back home.
    Your temporary place looks nice. Looks comfortable as well. Great looking car Derek. I like the color.
    Sara, how was it driving over there? Don’t they drive on the opposite side of the road over there?
    Miss you two already. Love your blog. It is so great to see what is going on with you two.
    Until later. Love you both.

  • Amy

    Love the Defender! I hope you guys get it. 🙂 Thanks for posting photos so quickly–it’s nice to see where you are. xo

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    […] with us to the states. He’s so excited! Here are some interior photos since I only posted exterior in the previous post. The previous owner installed new comfy seats and replaced the bench seat. […]

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