My Project

Good news last night they confirmed the wedding will be able to be at the Lareau Farm!  We continued with wedding projects regardless of location because damn it there will be a wedding!  Here is one project Mom and I finished.

Katie bought this box at a store in Burlington called Re-use North for $2.00.

She wanted to use it for a card box at the wedding in lieu of a birdcage or a mailbox.

Katie used a circus font on her amazing invitations and I downloaded it from a free font website

I printed a copy of the word ‘CARDS’ in the font so I could look at it as a guide.

I used acrylic paint and tested color combinations on a paper plate first!

  I measured and drew margins in pencil on the box and then margins for each letter.

Next I free hand drew each letter in pencil before filling it in with the paint.

I am not sure if you can see the pencil detail?

First color done!

Once the paint dried I erased my pencil marks.

  Mom made the flag garland the day of the hurricane remember?

I hung the garland from the rope handle on the side of the box.  I think it turned out great! Best part is Katie loved it!


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