Conditions of Lareau Farm (Wedding locale)

Today the road was open and we were able to drive down to Lareau Farm where Katie and Brian WILL have their wedding.  The river is right up against their property and they were underwater.  The owner told us tonight that during the storm she ran out to let the pigs out of their pens and the water was up to her ankles, by the time she turned around and neared the house the water was to her waist.  The basement was flooded and their boilers are gone.  She was stashing bottles of wine down there and they were floating and banging against the ceiling.  Lots of cleanup has been done the past two days.  Apparently hundreds of volunteers showed up today, some with earth moving equipment and they were able to clear the pavilion, where the reception will be, of mud.  The wedding scheduled for this weekend was moved to a different location.  Katie will write an email to friends to ask for a crew to come out and help this weekend.  We are still hopeful for a Lareau Farm wedding! Please keep your fingers crossed if you are far away but if you are nearby please come out to help clean up this weekend! The Goodalls and Collerans thank you either way! Here are some photos of the farm I took this evening.

Good news photos first because this will be the first time Katie has seen the farm since the storm.  I love you Kate, and you will have a beautiful wedding next weekend!

Isn't it beautiful?

Walk to the ceremony.

Excellent, this is where my sister will marry Brian. 🙂

The ceremony chairs look great!

OK, here are the not so good news photos.  Any volunteers?

The house with many items from the basement drying on the lawn and porch. Many guests, bride and groom are to stay here the night before the wedding.

Inventory from the basement.

The pavillion, landscapers are coming tomorrow to replant around the exterior.

The pavillion nice and clean! Looks ready for some dancing to me!

Debris washed up from the river wrapped around trees and sign to the ceremony. Easily fixed.

Entry way to the walk to the ceremony.

Field behind the pavillion. Hoping this will dry up in the next 10 days!


One response to “Conditions of Lareau Farm (Wedding locale)

  • Amy

    So…a strappy heel probably isn’t the best footwear choice for the wedding, eh? I have faith this will all come together and we’ll still be celebrating Katie + Brian at Lareau!

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