Irene arrived in VT

Sunday morning we woke to rain and more rain.  The dogs were let out and towel dried.  We busied ourselves with wedding projects, reading, tracking the storm, crossword puzzles and blogging.  We lost power for about 3 hours and early in the day Dad ran to town for some provisions.  He reported the streams in town were raging.

Dad and Griff slept in till 10am!

Our ponchos were ready to face the storm but most of us choose to stay put.

Mom did the NYT crossword.

and wedding projects.

I caught up on my blog postings.

Katie and Brian read

Griffin kept us up to date with the weather warnings.

Katie and Brian decided to leave in the evening since Brian had to work and Katie had a dentist appointment in the morning.  We got a call a few minutes later to drive down to the neighborhood entrance because the road was washed out and they weren’t going anywhere!

Still raining!

Dramatic hurricane photos, Dad couldn't keep a straight face.

Brian wasn't participating in the dramatic hurricane photos.

Half of the road washed out. And yes, I'm in my pj's.

Katie and Brian got up early Monday morning and faced many road closures and detours.  They couldn’t get over the damage, hay bails in the trees, homes and businesses full of water including a restaurant Katie, Brian, Mom and Dad had eaten at last week. After they left Derek and I took Griffin on a hike to be out of the house!

More road damage.

Yesterday this must've been rushing water.

Regardless of all the damage, Griffin was really excited to be outside! Isn't this hilarious!

He was in hog heaven!

Happy dog!

We haven’t been able to get to the farm where Katie and Brian will be married in less than 2 weeks because the roads are closed.  Keep your fingers crossed it will dry out, we are all trying to think good things.  Katie said, “I don’t want to see it.” Keep your fingers crossed!


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