Hiking, Swimming and Jumping!

After the farmer’s market my husband and I headed out with Katie and Brian.  They were meeting up with friends of Brian’s from Providence College who still live in Providence but were vacationing in Stowe.  She is due with their first child on Sept 15th and can’t make the wedding.  She is an Olympic runner sponsored by New Balance.  She ran 5 miles in the morning and her husband joined her for the last 3 and for the first time passed her.  Awesome! She hiked with us 1 mile up a mountain, and swam but didn’t jump!

Waiting for their friends we started taking photos

Ahhh love...

Hiking up to sunset ledge.

Our group on the ledge.

Then we drove down to the swimming hole, fed by this waterfall.

Katie brought her flops along.

I forgot mine!

I love the lighting in this photo

This is as far as we could get Katie in with her Floridian blood still flowing.

And the jumping begins with Miles and Brian

Then I decided I wanted to jump.  Brian offered to tandem with me and counted down "3-2-1 jump" but I didn't jump.

Then I decided I wanted to jump. Brian offered to jump in tandem with me and counted 1,2,3 but I didn't jump!

Brian cheering me on from below.

I was finally ready...

I heald on to the top of my suit and leapt.

I hit the water and it rushed up my nose. I lightly tapped the bottom but I did it!

My husband was proud and when asked if he would jump he responded, "I jumped out of airplanes only because they programed me to. I am not programed to jump off cliffs. Good job Sara!"

We went back to the house and my husband grilled the hanger steak he bought from a local farmer at the market.

He loves to grill. Garlic roasting in foil, and peppers on the top rack. MMMm mmm.


One response to “Hiking, Swimming and Jumping!

  • woman1844@aol.com

    I love the pics…and i need a pair of those boots,no more comments about my fashion sense …=) love ya, im proud you jumped..(i would have crapped in my pants)

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