Back in VT to stay

My husband and I arrived in VT late Thursday evening and stayed the night with Katie and Brian.  The next morning we got up and made blueberry jelly from the berries Katie and I had picked last week (post to follow).  My husband helped Katie finish making mustard and he baked a loaf of the artisan bread.  That evening we drove to the house in Mad River Valley where my parents rented and Katie and Brian will be married.  Finally my husband and I could unpack our packs, we’ll be staying for 21 days!  The house is great! Molly and Amy- I can’t wait till you join us for the wedding!  Saturday morning we all went to a farmer’s market to get provisions for the week.  Here’s the photos:

My husband making mustard

Canning blueberry jelly

We hopped in Brian’s Subaru and drove an hour to Waitsfield to meet up with my parents.

House in Waitsfield

Griffin waiting for us to arrive.



Dad at Saturday Farmer's Market

Mom bought sunflowers

Katie picking out an heirloom tomato

Deciding on meal plans

Dad's not used to using the reusable bags yet. We gave him one, but he still let her bag with plastic! Oh Dad!

Coffee shop stop before we head home with our loot.

Katie washing the veggies when we got home. It's so nice to all be together.


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