You Betcha!

Just got back to Vermont from a 4 day visit to North Dakota.  We stayed with my husband’s grandparents in Minot (pronounced Minut by locals).  On the flight from Minneapolis to Minot we started feeling like we were in the movie Fargo and “you betcha!” was heard often.

My husband’s parents drove over from Montanta (7 hours) to spend time with us too before we leave for the UK.  One day we drove out to the lake house and my husband and I drove around on Grandpa Scottie’s golf cart, one day we drove 2 hours to the US/Canadian border to the Peace Gardens, and every day we cooked out with my husband’s family! Here are some of my favorite shots from our visit.

Uncle Mark's Garage

Uncle Kelly, My father in-law, Uncle Mark and the grill

My husband drinking and driving out at the lake in Parshall, ND

Grandpa Scottie and his worms he keeps in the fridge in his shed out at the lake.

Derek and Lake Sakakawea

Grandma Amy, my husband, me and Grandpa Scottie. This is where they grew up, met in High School and where my father-in-law was born.

Peace Gardens the center rock lined stream is the border between Dunseith ND, and Manatoba, Canada.

My husband in the US

My husband in Canada

My husband and his mom

Fields and fields of sunflowers all over ND

Uncle Mark grilling salmon, on wine soaked cedar planks, he and Granpa Scottie caught at the end of July on a fishing trip to Alaska.

Family photo

Vicki, my husband, me, Grandma Amy, Gary, and Grandpa Scottie

This is my favorite photo of our trip.


2 responses to “You Betcha!

  • Amy

    Wonderful photos, Sary! It looks like you guys had a great visit. 🙂 My Grandpa Haines kept worms in a big cooler in his garage at their lake house in Illinois–I used to love to turn the dirt over and watch the worms wriggle around. Also, Uncle Mark’s garage is amazing.

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    […] his father was born.  It’s the geographical center of North America if you remember from our trip to ND.  The female name, Lola, is after Derek’s favorite chef, Iron Chef Michael Simon’s […]

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