Burlington Bachelorette

Amazing day with Katie, her Burlington friends and a non-traditional bachelorette party!

The photos will explain it all…

Breakfast spread at Sarah's

Sarah and Katie chat over breakfast

Katie was then given options for hiking as a bride.

The unanimous winner! Samantha from Sex in the City? Maybe?

After an hour and a half drive we pulled over to a trail head and blindfolded the bride.

When she took it off we were all dressed for the occasion as well!

Here are her bridesmaids, a mother of the bride, flower girl, and minister...etc.

Up the mountain we went.

We stopped for many photo opportunities.

One of my favorite shots although there are many!

Katie was excited when we reached the top.













































The girls packed a wonderful picnic lunch mmmmmm sustinance.

They're into jumping photos 🙂

I'm not sure what to say here... oh Katie

This is Mt. Pisgah that we climbed. The photo was taken from the lake where we took a dip in freezing cold water to refresh.

Then we drove to Rose's family's camp, amazing!

Vegetarian cookout with headlamps.

The house had no electricity all gas lamps and candles.

After dinner is when it got crazy.

Amy organized The Katie Olympics with scoreboard and all.












Pin the Dreadlock on the Bride!

First game…












Katie is known for her facial expressions.


We had to move cookies from our forehead to our mouth using facial muscles only!











Group shot

Next game, Florida themed...

Relay teams knock your team's FL Orange to teammate at other side with your hanging banana.








An embarrasing gift for the sexy bride, she was totally comfortable with it!

Time for sleep pick your bed upstairs.






Garden walk in the morning with coffee







My sister, the bride















Thank you Rose, for hosting and all Katie's friends for planning a perfect weekend for my Katie. It was so nice to spend time with each of you. xoxoxox -Sara



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