Today the movers came and packed all of our stuff.  Tomorrow they will wrap our furniture and pack some larger items.  Most likely they will move it out.  In other news I only have two days left at work.  Today was my last day at the clinic in Plant City.  It was sad to say goodbye to the families, some of which I’ve been working with twice a week for 3 and 4 years.  I am in total denial that it’s really goodbye.  I feel like I am going to see them again next week.  So before heading over to my parents’ house to meet my husband and Mom and Dad, for my parents 43rd anniversary dinner, I had to stop by our apartment.  I thought seeing the apartment packed would help it sink in. Nope.  So for now my husband and I are staying with mom and dad.  That helps, that’s nice.

Guest Room

Our bedroom

Living Room



One response to “Packed

  • Natalie

    😥 The apartment looks so empty! Maybe its a good sign that it hasn’t hit you yet, because I would be frantic and stressed right now! Can’t wait to see you and Derek for the farewell bash!

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