London Day 3

Monday, Day 3, we took the tube to Leicester Square where we could buy tickets for a show later that night in the West End. My hubby begrudgingly settled for Billy Elliot as opposed to a total shot in the dark because our first choice, War Horse, wasn’t available.  We stopped for some Fish & Chips at a pub with a beer and a Pimm’s.

After lunch I pulled my hubby into The National Portrait Gallery.  Luckily after looking around for a bit I had to go to the bathroom (all that Pimm’s) so we headed up to the third floor.  When I walked out I noticed the spectacular panoramic view in the Portrait Restaurant.  So we went in and had a beer and Pimm’s.  We spoke with the bartender who told us a few films had been shot there including a scene with Julia Roberts in Closer.  The view was really breathtaking you could see Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and Parliament.  It was such a find, I can’t wait to take all of our visitors there for lunch or tea.

Next we headed to Covent Garden Market where we peaked into a few shops (side note: I am learning it is very different to travel with a man, my hubby is very willing to let me shop but I feel uncomfortable shopping when he’s around so I can’t wait for the ladies to come visit! I walked by so many great shops just yearning!)

Then we watched a crazy street performer lock himself up in a huge chain and climb to the top of a ladder…what came next? Not sure we got bored with the act and walked away.  We went back to the hotel to get ready for our fancy date.  We had dinner in the hotel and took the tube to the theater.  And… my hubby laughed a lot during the show I knew he liked it.  He admitted afterwards he really was surprised how much he liked it.  Before we went home, guess what?…We stopped in a pub for a beer and a Pimm’s!


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