London Calling Day 1

In your best British accent repeat after me, “Brilliant”, “Lovely”, “Smashing”, and “Cheers”.   I found out these past 10 days that these are not phrases used only in Harry Potter and Bridget Jones’s Diary books and movies but everyday in the UK.  I realized these are all extremely positive words that I am going to use about moving to the UK, because our trip was “Brilliant”.  We had 2 afternoons of rain.  On our Big Bus Tour the guide told us London typically has 160 days of rain each year.  My hubby and I were very lucky to have sunny views of the UK.

I flew direct Tampa to Gatwick over night.  I always sleep on planes and thought I’d take a couple of Dramamine pills and wake refreshed and ready to tour London with my hubby.  However I didn’t sleep a wink due to a frantic and needy woman on my left who repeatedly used her call button for the flight attendants and an adolescent on my right who decided to sleep when we were eating dinner and ask for his dinner when we were all supposed to sleep.  When I arrived at 3:00 AM Tampa time and 8:00 AM London time , it was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn’t stop kissing my husband.  It was so great to see him! We took the Gatwick Express to the London Victoria Station and walked to our “lovely” hotel in Pimlico.  My hubby told me to sleep for 30 minutes before we went for a long walk along the River Thames to see the sights.  We stopped at Gabriel’s Warf for what else? Fish and chips with a side of mushy peas.  Mmmmmm.  We then walked back to our hotel and showered for a fancy dinner at Rules.  I felt totally revived with a shower and excited to be taken out on a date again by my husband.  My hubby had already eaten here and loved it so much he wanted to take me.  Or so he said.  I think he wanted to go back.  Our table neighbor was taking her husband out to his restaurant of choice for his birthday and she described Rules in her deepest voice while flexing her bicep as “the perfect man’s restaurant, with lots of meat”.  Rules is known as the oldest restaurant in London, established in 1798, and located in Covent Gardens.  They serve not only meat but wild game.  We ordered Beef on the Bone for Two and it came with Yorkshire Puddings! Ok, Yorkshire Pudding has been a side for a roast beef dinner at my grandmother’s Sunday dinners when I was growing up.  When I saw them on the menu I had to order them.  So here is a photo of my dinner at Rules.







Do you see the size of that Yorkshire Pudding? It’s 4 times the size of the ones my grandmother made but I can honestly say they did not taste as good as hers, seriously.  My hubby took the photo of me happy and alert at dinner.  And another positive about the UK is the lack of humidity!!  Look at my hair, ok sorry men, but ladies this is without a flat iron only a hairdryer! Smashing!

Most of the day I felt in a fog, like I had drank one too many Captain and Cokes and was being walked around by my hubby’s gentle push in the right direction so as not to run into things.  The sunshine did me good and I enjoyed my peek of London.  After dinner we took one of these cabs back to our hotel and I passed out! More on our trip to come but until then.

We are both glad to be home.  Cheers!


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