I’m excited

I went to dinner with Molly on Wednesday night and she asked me if I was excited.  Last night Katie called me and asked me if I was excited, she said she was excited for me.

This morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach.  I think that means I am excited! It felt like I was 5 and going to Disney World.

Then the packing started.  I laid out all my outfits with the matching accessories and shoes, it was beautiful.  Then I tried to stuff it into the carry-on size suitcase. Yeah right!  Then I took it all out and stuffed it into my pack. Yeah right! So I laid it all out again and purged.  I am not taking the perfect shoes for each outfit but when I knelt on it with all my body weight the carry-on suitcase zipped closed!

Pretty good for the wife of a minimalist who has lots of stuff!

I have to put my toiletries in my purse but I did it!  So in a few hours I’ll call a cab and I’ll be off to London!  I’ll blog photos and stories when I get back. I can’t wait to see what England looks like.


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