What to Wear

I have always had a huge closet of clothing and worked at the Gap for 7 years.  So you would think I’d be decent at dressing myself.  Ok, wait, I’m not that bad. I mean if Stacy and Clinton surprised me I would be shocked, but isn’t everyone nominated?  Putting outfits together when I have an event on my calendar in which I have time to shop and plan an outfit is when I look my best.  I think where I need the most help is day to day.  After 3-4 months of OBSESSIVELY DVR-ing TLC’s What Not to Wear with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly I decided I needed to change my wardrobe for the following reasons:

1. I have gained weight (what my friend Coleen calls Fappy, fat and happy)

2. I wear ALOT of solid clothing

3. I am a newlywed moving to England, and beginning a new phase of my life

4. I feel horrible about my body.  My friend Jamie’s mom told her “You need to dress like you feel great

about yourself and you will.” I liked that and adopted it.  No sense in feeling bad AND looking bad.

So I have been shopping and NO, I didn’t spend the show’s budget of $5000 but I did really well shopping sales and using coupons.  The stores I primarily used were not outside my comfort zone.  I just looked at the inventory through different eyes.  For shoes I went to Nine West and for clothes; Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic and Anthropologie.   I am wearing two of my new patterned shirts in my last post’s photos.  Stacy and Clinton recommend fitting your largest body part and then tailoring the rest to fit, I did not do any of that.  My friends Marie and Sara are came over tonight to document my transformation and help me pack for my trip, that I am so excited about (new montra).

360 Degree Mirror Photos

Typical outfit I used to wear to work. Blah!

This is an outfit I have worn out to dinner with my hubby on a weeknight! Ugh!

This is the dress I wore out to my birthday dinner at Side Burns with my hubby, Beth and Ryan.

I was self-conscious that night and now I know why!

Stacy & Clinton’s Rules

1. Incorporate pattern, texture and shine to each outfit

2. Add a finishing piece to tie the outfit together a jacket or cardigan (easier in the UK than in Florida)

3. Accentuate your waist with a belt, tie or structured clothing (I am pretty square but it still works)

4. Wear interesting pieces that are visually appealing

5. It doesn’t have to match it just has to go. (difficult because I am sooo matchy matchy)

6. Create your own style

Transformation Photos

New work outfit.

So much better!  I would never have put these colors together in an outfit before but it totally works.  These pants are so flattering and are actually more comfortable than the other khakis.  Love it!

New casual date with my hubby outfit.

I love this outfit.  It was inspired by my friend Danielle who wore this top to work last week.  I loved it and totally copied her with her permission.  I already had these dark wash jeans and shoes.  I can’t believe how thin I look in this outfit. One of my favorites for my London trip.

New weekend date night outfit.

Again I would have never put this textured skirt with a patterned sweater before but I love it and I think it’s one of my most successful outfits.  It’s also still very my style.  This outfit has it all; visual interest with the draping of the neckline, pattern in the sweater, texture in the skirt.  I have to say the shoes are my favorite part!

Fancy date night.

This is a very classic ‘Sara outfit’.  My friends will look at this photo and say, that looks like Sara.  You can’t see the shoes very well but they are a small giraffe print with a kitten heel. This dress makes me look 10 lbs thinner and it is due to the structure of the dress.

Touring London with my sweetie in the rain and take the jacket off for when the sun comes out!

Things I was skeptical about but in the end Stacy and Clinton were right again!

1. Try things on you never would before

2. Try everything on, you never know how it will look until you try it on.  Each shopping trip I took, no joke 10-15 items in the dressing room with me and sometimes I would find 4 things and sometimes I would find one or two.

I feel great in my new clothes that fit and I can’t wait till my hubby sees how sexy I am when I meet him in London!


3 responses to “What to Wear

  • Rachel

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the casual date night outfit!!!! You look fantastic in it! Ugh – I am SOOO sick of my maternity clothes! Just love the new look!

  • maria felton

    I LOVE this! you’ve done such a great job of putting these new looks together! i think i’m going to jot down S+C’s rules so i am always reminded of them… i am so excited for you in this next chapter of life! SO many adventures… and i get to follow along! yippee!!!!

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    […] fluffy career-wise for me but a welcomed change and fabulous jewelry.  It seems to follow up on my What to Wear makeover.  We are doing well.  Then they told him that the second month is really hard that […]

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