Maybe a little too busy

I returned Sunday night from Boston.  It was a refreshing weekend with 3 of my dearest friends from college for our 3rd annual cliché ‘Girls Weekend’.  Maybe we should give it a more original name?  We did typical girlie things; shopping, dressing up for dinners, viewing of the chick flick Bridesmaids, and of course lots of talking.  We, again, had celebrations. We held a mini baby shower for Rachel and her baby boy Reid who will be born in September.  We went to a lovely dinner and the bar for Amy’s birthday.  I am afraid I will miss ‘Girls Weekend 2012’ due to my imminent move to the UK.  However, in order to keep up with these friends, and everyone else I love I asked Amy for a crash course to help me give life to my abandoned blog.  She is amazing and made me feel so out of touch with “the kids these days”.  She not only taught me how easy it really is but she also Pimped My Blog.  I love the makeover and its symbolic banner.  My hubby and I will be lonely phone booths in the UK and being with these amazing women confirms how much I will miss everyone.  Ouch.

I do not recommend this saleswoman goes into photography.

My hubby once again has been away.  He is on Temporary Duty (TDY) in London.  I miss him like crazy, especially when I am home alone.  I knew that would be the case and booked myself solid for 5 weeks.  As a result I haven’t been home for the past 3 weekends in a row. The day before he left I decided it might be easier if I left first.  I went on a road trip to Charleston to visit Julie & Van.  The following weekend I moved to my parent’s house and then Boston.  It has worked beautifully.  Staying busy has been a great distraction maneuver however laundry, dishes and mail continue to pile up.  Going into the fourth weekend, away again, I was having a breakdown (organizationally speaking).  So I took today off work for myself and my sanity.  I feel so much better.  And I got to post my first post on my beautiful new blog.  Thank you Amy.

Rachel, Kristi, Amy, Me


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