An Addition and a Loss

Apres Ski

This weekend was a mix of emotions with a baby shower for Mya’s little brother she says will be named Taxi. Dad and I drove to Jax for the event. On our way we received tragic news Tom Colleran died at the top of the mountain on an off trail ski adventure with his boys. He just collapsed, without any signs of pain, into Brian’s arms. He recently called friends who had passed away, “bastards” for getting to die painlessly and without the struggle old age brings. For Tom it was perfectly scripted. For those he left behind it is an extremely painful shock. Being with my dad that day was so wonderful. Lots of silence on the 8 hour drive up and back. I can’t allow my mind to even go to the idea of losing either of my parents. I met Tom once and he was a gentle giant who made me feel immediately at home with his family. He also put me at ease on the slopes. It was very intimidating to be skiing with Brian and Tom Colleran at Mount Snow. Brian grew up skiing every weekend with his dad. Tom was one of the ski team coaches and was known and loved by all on the mountain.

Right after this happened Brian called Katie and asked her to get there as quickly as she could. I couldn’t imagine anyone more loving, and empathetic to be at Brian’s side during this horrifying time than my sister. Katie is probably an emotional wreck inside but my dad told her she needed to be strong for the Collerans and she reports she is doing that. I know that she is doing an amazing job.

Katie loved Tom too. He fixed her car, repeatedly. He did everything he could to be there for Katie and Brian. He was a fun and warm man who was taken too early for us but just at the right time for him. His absence will be a huge hole noticed by all at Katie and Brian’s wedding in Sept.

Watching the bobsled contest at Mount Snow's Reggae Fest


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