My Hubby’s adventure this time

So he’s off again on a work adventure.  It’s hard to be here alone but nice to have time to create crafty wedding details with my mom.  I still cry when I drop him at the airport and sometimes at night.  We spend so much time together that is it really strange when I am alone.  It’s funny because I was single for so many years you’d think it’d be more comfortable for me.

These short trips makes me think about a possible long deployment.  When I first met my hubby he had just been back 2 months from a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan.  I can’t imagine what that would be like, especially next year when we will be living in the UK.  At least now I am surrounded by family and friends to keep me distracted.  I guess I’ll just have to travel! 🙂 I also think about wives whose husbands go on year or more tours.  I just take it day by day and try not to worry about things that are merely possibilities.

We will be married 4 weeks from this Saturday.  I can’t wait to say I am his wife.  Being his wife is definitely worth putting up with deployments no matter how long they might be.



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